Moppin Minute

January 11-15

Back Into the Swing of Things...

Welcome Back! This is going to be a busy semester but we will SHINE.

Motivation can be hard as the cold settles in and there is a lull in holidays. Below are some links for keeping motivation up as winter rolls in.

Personal Leaves, Sick Leaves and Professional Leaves - OH MY!

This is a friendly reminder that ALL personal leave MUST be approved by me BEFORE you submit for a sub. Personal leave is granted if there are subs available! Subs in the district are a high commodity so you are not guaranteed leave. Visit the district handbook for exact policies on personal, sick and professional leave. You are also responsible for submitting sick and professional leave AND for making sure it fills. If you have a sub you work with often, it's sometimes better to set up the dates on your own to ensure that it has been filled.


Keep plugging away at those PDPs and UoIs...everything will wrap up for this year by February 26. In March we will look at creating next year's PDPs and UoIs!


This weeks video is on motivating students to work towards the higher level engagement and critical thinking.