RVHS Weekly Newsletter

Friday March 5th 2021

Message From The Principal

Hello Eagle families,

We should have only two weeks remaining in our online learning model. We continue to plan for a return to campus on Tuesday, April 6. Very exciting! Our teachers are planning to create Welcome Back activities for both Monday, April 5 (virtual) and Tuesday, April 6 (on campus).

A few things to remember:

  • Mondays will be virtual including Coaching Class and teacher office hours for intervention.
  • Tuesdays-Fridays will be Every Student, Every Period, Every Day.
  • 1st period will begin at 8:00 AM. 7th Period will end at 2:25 PM.
  • Students must bring their iPad everyday. They need be charged.
  • Everyone must properly wear masks while on campus.
  • Everyone must practice social distancing in classrooms, on walkways and in common areas.
  • Restrooms will be limited to one student at a time.
  • TVUSD Food Service will be available during break and lunch.
  • All students must enter and exit from the gates near the lunch tables.
  • RVHS will have fun!

We got this!

Mr. D


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Austin Allen-Marquez -- 3/6

Ricardo Dinnall -- 3/7

Isaiah Ramirez -- 3/7

Salvatore Tucci -- 3/7

Carlos Alcaraz Avalos -- 3/7

Isha Whitham -- 3/10

Jade Burnett -- 3/11

Natalie Rodriguez Navarro -- 3/11


Joshua Fuentes

Joshua has earned Mr Gonzalez Overcast Skateshop giveaway for the month of February and continues to do a great job turning everything in and having a positive attitude.

He is self-motivated and hard-working and always is engaged during our lessons.


Mrs. Elizabeth Huesca

Elizabeth Huesca came to RVHS in October. Mrs. Huesca, a transportation clerk who volunteered to be a supervisor of one of our hubs. She has been terrific!

She took to the learning hub classroom like a natural-born educator. She quickly gained the respect of the students and in no time at all, she was helping students with their work. Mrs. Huesca arrives every day with a big smile. She made folders of students’ names, class schedules, contact information, and more. She made time daily to call all of the students that were missing from the hub to find out why they were absent. She quickly learned to navigate and troubleshoot Zoom, Canvas and Apex. She brought snacks and treats consistently for students, and even something special for students as an incentive to work.

Mrs. Liz has made a great impact on the lives of the students in her hub and it has been a pleasure to see her positively influence each and every student she comes in contact with. As online education has shifted due to COVID changes, we find ourselves coming back to campus soon. Therefore, Mrs. Liz has also been called back to Transportation starting March 8th. She will be greatly missed not only in the hub but on campus.

She has done an amazing job with our students, we would like to thank Mrs. Huesca for the time invested with us and the students she helped. Mrs. Elizabeth Huesca, you are the “Employee of the Week”, we hope that Transportation knows just how lucky they are to have you at their site. You will be missed. Thank you!


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Apprenticeship Opportunities

Click here for to Register for the March 24 Presentation

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Online Learning Support:

  • For district email password reset support, which will get you into your CLEVER login and connect you to Canvas and Google classroom, please call RVHS at 695-7320 or email:
  • cadesso@tvusd.us

If you are having trouble viewing courses for Second Semester, you may need to clean up your Student Dashboard.

Go to "Courses" (left side navigation bar), scroll down to "All Courses" and click the star in front of your Semester 2 classes. Those will be the only courses you see on your Student Dashboard!

For more details about your dashboard and how it can help you be successful in Semester 2, watch this short video: Canvas Student Dashboard Overview

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Secretary to Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann