Uniformed Public Services jobs

Application and selection processes in the police service

Application process

Before completing an application form you will need to "Attend a Recruiting Information Seminar and sit a suitability test" where you will be given more detailed information about joining this service. Application forms will be given to candidates/recruits who successfully pass this test, the application forms will be sent by post and will arrive in 2 days/48 hours. You can only get application forms if you pass this test successfully.

If you apply to e.g. Leicestershire police than only applications supplied by Leicestershire police will be accepted. The application form has been designed and tested to make sure it is fair for all candidates. How you answer will decide if you will go onto the next step. The application MUST be all your OWN work. Your application will be rejected if you have made 10 or more grammar/spelling mistakes and your writing is difficult to understand. You could be questioned on any answer you give. You will be given some time to complete the application form and you will have to submit it before the deadline, results should come about 4 weeks from the time you have sent the application.

It is important that when writing the application you are honest about what situations you have described and how you have behaved. It is important that you read your application before sending it to make sure everything makes sense. If you write an application form on paper not on a computer use black ink pen.

The personal statement and CV should be written with the application form.

Selection process

Equal opportunity

Everyone has equal chances of being a police officer, your application will not be rejected if you are different belief or come from a different background etc. There are no height restrictions and educational requirements although you will have to pass written tests that will take place. You must be physically and mentally fit to be able to take the duties of a police officer. You must also hold a UK driving licence.

Physical tests

The physical test in the police is different from the one that applicants to the army have to do, the police fitness/physical test involves:

- Beep test at level 5.4 minumum

-Push and pull test, you must achieve at least 34kg on push and 35kg for pull.

Skill tests

You will have to pass a written test if you want to get accepted, written test replaced the educational requirements.

Also, you will have to attend an Assessment Center and be assessed on the following:

-Effective communication


-Problem solving

-Respect for diversity

-Team working

-Personal responsibilities

-Community/customer focus

You will have to attend an interview with two police officers and it will take around 45 minutes. Its important that you are dressed appropriately first impression is very important and also you must show that you are good candidate for a police officer.