SCCS Home Bulletin

September 9, 2020

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Greetings, parents!

I hope you enjoy the new format of the Home Bulletin! We decided to use an online site so that it would be easier to read and so that it would automatically adjust to fit your phone. Thank you to Donna Brue for putting the work in to make this happen.

We’ve just done our first round of academic assessments, and I’m excited to share the results with you from one of these – the STAR test (done in grades 2-8 in the fall).

Please note that the number by each grade level represents the average score of all students in that grade level. The first number represents where the class is scoring as far as grade level, and the second number (after the decimal point) represents where the grade level is scoring as a month. For example, for 3rd grade, a 3.7 in reading means that our 3rd graders, as a class, average 3rd grade, 7th month (or March) on their assessment. All grade levels took the assessment in their first month (September). So, for this example, our 3rd graders are, on average, starting 3rd grade reading 6 months ahead of where they should be at this time.

Reading 2nd-2.7 3rd-3.7 4th-4.7 5th-5.8 6th-7.0 7th-7.8 8th-8.5

Math 2nd-2.4 3rd-3.3 4th-4.5 5th-5.4 6th-6.3 7th-7.5 8th-8.2

You will notice that all grade levels are ahead of where they should be at this time! We praise God for that strong start to the school year!

What does this information tell us? You worked hard last spring to help students learn new skills and review. I’m sure it was definitely not easy at home, but you stuck with it, and your children benefited. We thought we might because of the strange end to the school year last year, but we are not noticing any trends as far as big learning gaps that are different from any other school year. Thank you for the work you did last spring, parents!

What do we do with this assessment information? We use it to put in place supports for all students, whether that be extra help or enrichment and everything in between. Our inclusive education team partners with classroom teachers to make a plan specific for our learners so they can continue to grow.

Thanks for choosing SCCS as your educational partner!


  • Please check the online calendar for upcoming events (
  • Storyline Chapel today at 1:35. Join us virtually at the following link:
  • Each Wednesday , SCCS dismisses at 2:05 for teacher professional development.
  • Students may ride a different bus for daycare purpose only. Parents must write a note, email or call the office to get a bus pass for your child. If you need to contact the transportation director for any reason, call 722-2481.
  • We no longer have a phone for students to use in the office. Please have after- school plans in place before coming to school. Thank you!
  • NICSTO Application forms are due to school by September 18. The form can be found here. Questions? Contact Kelli Van Roekel (

Bloomz Info

  • We will continue to use Bloomz as our school communication tool. Bloomz is our main method of communication throughout the school year, so we ask that all parents view the training below and become comfortable with the tool. Parents can find a training for Bloomz at
  • Parents should have received an invitation to join your child's class. If you are having difficulty joining that class, please contact the homeroom teacher or the office.


We will be postponing Grandparent/Special Friend Day from October 23 to February 26. Why? We hope to be able to need fewer mitigations in February than in October and are not interested in doing a virtual visit, if at all possible. Of course we can’t predict the future, but moving the date to February will hopefully help us be able to have a more “normal” experience for grandparents and students. As we continue to implement mitigations, it does not feel appropriate to introduce a huge crowd of people to the building next month. We also believe that lightening the load this fall for our team by moving this big day to February is a good thing.

October 23 will be a full day of school and we will dismiss at 11:30 on February 26.


Parents - September is National Head Lice Prevention Month! Many families will experience a head lice infestation at some point during their child’s school years so there is nothing to be alarmed about. These are the steps we follow when one or more of our students is hosting head lice.

1. All classmates of the affected student(s) will be screened

2. All siblings and sibling’s classmates of affected student(s) will be screened

3. Parents of classmates of affected student(s) will be notified of possible exposure

There are a few proactive measure we can take to prevent head lice as we enter this season. It is recommended by both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) that parents spend 15 minutes each week checking their children for evidence of head lice. It is also recommended to wash your child’s coat, hat, bags, etc. weekly to prevent sharing any germs or bugs. Talk to your kids about not sharing hats, scarves, headbands, ponytail holders, etc. with friends. Please also read the attached information to learn what to look for and what to do if you find your child has head lice.


LUNCH CLERK: Friendly, dependable, accurate person required to work in a fast-paced environment. Responsibilities include verifying lunch charges and data entry. Hours are 10:45 am – 1:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Job description:

  1. Enter absent students into RenWeb
  2. Enter student lunch charges into RenWeb
  3. Enter staff lunch charges into RenWeb
  4. Ensure each student and staff is charged correctly
  5. Create charges at end of lunch line

5-8 GRADE PARAPROFESSIONAL OPENING (up to 30 hours a week): Paraprofessionals support students in 1-1, small-group, and in-class settings and provide support for academic and behavior needs. Paraprofessionals need a heart for kids, for service, and for God. The ideal candidates are people who are willing to learn, have a strong work ethic, are dependable, communicate well with others, and can follow multi-step directions. The school is prepared to provide training for the right candidates, and much support is given through orientation and a partnership with the director of learning and the director of inclusive education.

Interested candidates should forward the staff application (found at, and a resume to Josh Bowar, head of school. at A review of applications will begin immdiately and will continue until the position is filled.


Enrollment season never stops at SCCS. Our best method of sharing what God is doing at SCCS is through word of mouth from our current parents. If you hear of someone who may be interested in quality Christian education, please contact Josh Bowar at He can then connect with a family, set up a no-pressure tour or student shadow day, or other options. We also encourage families to contact Dr. Bowar directly. It doesn't have to be a big thing to share the SCCS story. A quick comment, question, or invitation is sometimes all it takes to help families imagine their children at SCCS. We want to be accessible to families who want Christian education for their children and partner with families from diverse Christian faith backgrounds and income levels while still remaining true to and unapologetic about the Reformed Christian perspective from which we teach. Thank you for spreading the word about SCCS!


School pictures will be taken by Alison Obbink Photography on Tuesday, September 15 and Wednesday, September 16. Grades TK, K, 1, 2, 7, and 8 will be on Tuesday and Grades 3, 4, 5, 6 will be on Wednesday. Look for the order form envelopes to be sent home today. We would like all envelopes to be returned by Friday, Sept. 11 and no later than Monday morning, Sept. 14. If you do not wish to purchase pictures, please still return your envelope and mark it "no order". All students will take a picture (even if they do not order) to be put on the class composite.


  • Thanks to everyone who signed up to help with dishwashing this year! If you would like to help out you can sign up here. If you have questions, contact Eileen (
  • You can find the lunch and dishwashing schedule here.


  • If you are a room parent, be looking for an envelope in your child's backpack with room parent information.
  • There are still PACE calendars available for sale in the TRIP Office. $15 for one calendar, $28 for two or $36 for 3. Stop by and pick one up!


  • The Office Handouts ( is the place to check regularly for camp information, registration forms, and more! Currently there is information for: Try Hockey, Driven School of Driving Fall Sign-Up, Sioux Center Rec Dept 5th & 6th Girls Volleyball, Sioux Center Arts Club for K-4th grades
  • Staff Member of the Month: Nominate a staff member to become the Pella Corporation Staff member of the month. Pella Corporation will award one monthly recipient $500.00 to use towards school approved items and a certificate of recognition. A nomination form can be found here.


The mission of Sioux Center Christian School is to disciple God's children by equipping them with a knowledge and understanding of Christ and His Creation so that they can obediently serve God and others as they work and play.