Rainforest Biome Project

By Kennedy Coleman

Rainforest Biome Description

The largest rainforest are in the Amazon River Basin and throughout much of Southeast Asia. Smaller rainforest are located in Central America. Because of the lack

Rainforest Abiotic Factors

There climate is Tropical Moist. There temperture is higher than 93 degrees. There average precipitation is up to 50 to 260 inches of rain fall yearly. The temperature in a rainforest rarely gets higher than 93 degrees or drops below 68 degrees.


The Rainforest Landforms

The highest Tropical Rainforest mountain is the Pica da Neblina located in the Amazon. The Tropical Islands Rainforest is a fascinating world to explore and discover. Tropical rain forests have some of the largest rivers in the world, like the Amazon. In addition to rivers, rainforest conventional,free-standing lakes and so-called oxbow lakes.

Biotic Factors

The Tropical rainforest is a forest of all trees in a region year-round warmth.The rainforest belongs to the tropical wet climate group.