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Health has always been a cause of concern for the human civilization all through its way to the present. Our health is an indication of the well being of the society and the world in general. Before the advent of medicine or of gym and related equipment, there was little or no need for exercise given the amount of physical effort and activity that was required to perform day to day tasks and activities. People took to exercise as a way to relive the stress and stretch the muscles and to put them at ease. Yoga is one such form of controlled exercise and meditation that has stayed and is today widely being exercised globally to reduce the mounting stress levels and achieve a level of healthy body and mind.

Yoga and you

While yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on controlled breathing and stretching of various muscles, it aims to unite the breathing with the ability to understand your body movements and muscles. It aims to revitalize the energy of the so-called body chakras and bring enlightenment to mind, body and soul alike. There are 4 types of Yoga that are primarily practiced world over, usually depending on level of expertise and years of experience:

1.Karma Yoga

2.Bhakti Yoga

3.Jnana Yoga

4.Raja Yoga

Today, the ancient art form of Yoga is not only limited to India, it has reached a universal audience. There is Yoga Course In India that help once practice the art of yoga, learn it and through learning and be able to teach others are well. There are many places that offer training to interested, willing, able and dedicated people to teach Yoga. It is important to learn from the right guru the art and science that yoga is, since practicing it the wrong way can have a bad influence on the practitioner’s body, mind, heart and soul.

Alliances on a global level

The changing global experiences with renewed interest in Yoga has lead to many alliances being formed globally, for example Yoga Alliance USA. People can now train in the India and teach in US after their successful completion of the Yoga teacher training course being held in India each year. Many interested people enroll from world over to get trained in yoga to provide further discourse or even be able to practice it daily for general well being of themselves and their families.

The changing societal set-up and the ever increasing pressure to perform at work, personal level and otherwise demands of us the need to pay important to our body’s needs and respect it. Yoga is a way to renew your energy levels, pay attention to detail and treat your body with respect and renewed interest.