Salem Gossip

By your favorite Anonymous Puritans

Girls Gone Wild!

Lately our very own minister's daughter and niece, Betty and Abigail, have been showing some odd behavior. I tried to get some information from a direct source but could not manage to get what I wanted, so talking to the doctor was my best option. He told me that there is a possibility of bewitching. The very idea horrified me so I had to go deeper. As it turns out other girls have joined in on the ridiculous fits and are now blaming the minister's slave Tituba for their bewitching. As many of you already know, Tituba is an Indian woman from Barbados and cares for Abigail and Betty. Some say the girls have been poisoned, others are sure of a bewitching, and some think they're faking it. I have my own opinion, what's yours?
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Notable Person of the Week: William Griggs

Dr.Griggs and His Side of the Bewitching

When we spoke with our town Physician Dr.Griggs, we asked him about what he think might be the cause of this Puritans Gone Wild event. He responded with a rather chilling statement, "These fits have been caused by an evil hand, someone who wants to lure these young women into the hands of Satan himself." Now, a diagnosis such as this is leading to some horrific new rumors of a witch trial. If this is true, Tituba will likely be the first to be put on stand. If this happens, our doctor will be there as a judge. A judge for what you might ask. Well, in order to make sure that these women are truly witches, they will have to undergo some tests that could possibly end in death. If they live, our doctor will declare these women witches and we all know what follows.

Let the Trials Begin!

It is March 1st, 1692 and we were hoping to have a story on the latest ankle skirts but we have an even better story. On this day, the first hangings of what we're calling The Salem Witch Trials has begun. As we all know, Tituba was the first to be accused of witchcraft and in an attempt to receive a smaller punishment (rather than death) she also accused other women through out the town. Along with Tituba, Sandra Goode and Sarah Osbourne were seen swinging from the Gallows earlier today. It's a shocking time in this little town and we all know that these trials are not finished. Rumors have been spreading that the girls are beginning to reveal more and more names of potential witches. Who can we trust now? Who's a witch and who's a victim of false accusation. Only death can tell...