Support the Union

and help stop the South

Emancipation Proclamation

The Emancipation Proclamation says that all slaves residing in the south are free. This new act was released on January 1st 1863 by President Lincoln. If you support the Union then you are helping us enforce this act and helping all of the solders get the food and water and supplies they need to take down the south.
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What will happen here

If you support us by donating you will know that you are supporting a great cause to end the southern rebellion. If your family member volunteers to go and fight we will make sure that your family member's letter gets to you and your family. We will also supply them with food and all necessities we will also pay them so they can support you. MEN! Come join us in this noble cause. Lend yourself to this struggle that all men can be free!

Europe and the south

The south is asking the countries of Europe to help them in the war. If you donate or volunteer then you are helping us convince Europe of the justice and correctness of our cause.