Teresa Rodriguez

About Me

Well im 17 yrs old ready to go out on my own to explore life and see what it brings me. I love to face new things when it comes down to the things that im intersted in. Tattooing, music, and art would be me. I plan to become a rapper, and a tattoo artist the main things im into that i know i wont get borded at  

my vacation

this summer for my vacation ill be heading out to california. i plan to visit the beach and spend most my time in la with my cousin that will show me and tell me how to get ready with the music indrusty.for most of the time i plan to work on my own beats and my own songs so that i can be ready to be in the studio and record my own cds

my year at a glance

my year at a glance has been the farthest different year for me. first moving to lubbock has been differet and has changed a lot of things. meeting new people coming to a new school has been the very first time i had to make new friends and move to a different school. im not going to say this year has been bad or fun but its in the middle. i had fun wit the friends i made and some of my teachers. this school year i will have a lot of memorys because this will be my last time coming to school here because ill be moving back the carlsbad. out off all this school year it went pretty good but ready for the summer!