CASE ASAP Virginia

February 7th. 2016.

Calling all presenters!

Interested in presenting at CASE ASAP VA? Yes? Then this is the flyer for you. Anything you need to know about presenting at CASE ASAP Conference can be found here!

Presentations are Due

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Why do we do presentations?

The beauty of CASE ASAP Conferences is our ability to learn so much from our fellow institutions. We each have our unique campus stories, but you'll be surprised by how much we have in common, and how much you can learn from another institution.

Why should I present?

If you will be participating in another CASE ASAP conference, VA can serve as practice for the regional or national conferences. We are much more accommodating and nice individuals, and can give you great feedback!

What should I present on?

Anything Alumni, Philantrophy, Ambassador, and related programs to get started. You can talk about a specific event you held, recruitment in your organization, a successful social media campaign, or even your failures! Past topics include VCU's Ram Spirit Walk, VA Tech's Yearly Traditions, or VCU's Recognition Event Grammies.

What should I include in the presentation?

The best presentations often include:

1) Little background on your organization

2) Detailed explanation of the idea

3) Suggestions or Improvements if you were to do it again

4) Show how another organization or university could accomplish the idea

5) Time for Questions

How long should the presentation be?

Staying with CASE ASAP standards, each presentation is a total of 45 minutes. This includes time for questions.

Should I leave time for questions?

Yes. There are always questions.

Directions to Submit Presenation

Please state presenter names, school, name of presentation, a short description, and contact email. Presentations will be chosen for CASE ASAP following the submission closing.

Please send presentations to this email: Chosen presentations will be contacted via email.