How to become President

By Maggie Saunders


  1. Natural born citizen
  2. 35 years or older
  3. 14 years of residency within US

Step 1- Primaries vs Caucuses

Primary: Party members vote for the best candidate that will represent them in the general election (Statewide)

Caucus: Party members select the best candidate through a lot of discussions and voting (local- each town or district will have their own democrat or republican representative. )

Step 2-National Convention

Each candidate holds a national convention to select a the party candidate, then at each convention, they choose a running mate. Then the candidates campaign throughout the country to win the general election.

Step 3- General convention

People from every state choose a president and vice president. But when casting a vote they're actually voting for a group of electors.

The general election is on November 8th.

Step 4- electoral college

Each state gets a certain amount of electors based on representatives. Then each elector votes after the general election.

Helpful Tips

  • Fundraise as much as you can.
  • Be involved (Town events, state events follow the first bullet, be involved.).
  • Don't commit any crime.
  • Be very educated.
  • Find a political-related career.
  • Stick to your views and promises.

Ideal Candidate

Donald Trump- aged 69, if from New York City is a politician, businessman, and a tv star. Trump went to school Kew-Forest School and New York Military Acadamy.

Trumps views:

  1. Abortion- He is Pro-Life. Funding for abortion is an "insult" to people.
  2. Gun Control- He thinks that there should be a permit in every state.
  3. Education- Trump thinks that education should be at a local level.
  4. Taxes- Pay little taxes as possible. It spends our money.
  5. Healthcare- He wants to end Obamacare, and replace with something better.