WOCA: drumming for "women of certain attitude"

Tuesdays, 7-8 pm

This on-going mini-series of drum classes for women rocks! The class launched August 2012 and we've been grooving ever since! Originally for "Women of Certain Age", the core group has expanded to include women of all ages. It's just too fun to keep all to themselves!

The class runs as a four-session cohort. Each new session our members commit to being there with and for one-another in a hands-on, experiential learning community.

Together we explore our inherent rhythm, share our gifts, and embrace the ancient wisdom teachings found in the village and shared through the metaphor of drumming. Find reason, connection, creativity, harmony, and healing with a group of like-minded women coming together to get their groove on!

No experience necessary. Loaner drums available. Start any time.

LOCATION - Members of the group host classes in their homes. The location is subject to change. We're currently meeting near Carter-Finley Stadium in West Raleigh.

$60 per four-week session

Once you've done an initial session, returners are welcome as drop-ins at $20 per class.

Tight budget? Don't let money stand between you and a life in rhythm!

Payment options and scholarships are available.

To register, send email to the address at the bottom of this page.

Class size is limited to 10

Could you use a bit of change?

GT: Greg's Theory:

I believe life is richer when we communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with one another and with the world around us. Because I believe this, I facilitate programs to help people live, work, and play well together. I work with corporations, congregations, communities, and classrooms that want to shake things up a bit for the sake of creating more-meaningful connections. Its a holistic approach to life in rhythm.


in rhythm with adults, youth, & seniors

for team-building, education, & wellness


"You help me....

Get out of my head and into my body.

Get out of my head and feel my body.

Hold sacred space for me to play and have fun.

Gently guide me out of self judgement and into self acceptance.

Hold sacred space to drum, and laugh, and connect." -- Dorena

"Playing with Greg is fun. It's inspirational, and I feel

happier and healthier after every session". -- Sally

"For me it's been the permission to explore and risk without fear of criticism or pressure. That has allowed me to truly "play" in a whole new way. You only ask willingness to participate at whatever level is comfortable, with no shaming, ever. This allows parts of me to show up that went into hiding way back in junior high." -- Missy