The Drama With Trauma: Amnesia

Kara George

The People of Seattle Grey's

I have been very interested in trauma and it's effects ever since I have started watching the television show Grey's Anatomy. There are multiple episodes that feature patients who experience amnesia due to trauma. Their journeys to remembering is always amazing.

What is Amnesia?

Post- traumatic amnesia is a state of memory loss or confusion after a brain injury. This could stretch as far as forgetting your own family.

What Parts of the Brain are Effected?

Not many parts of the brain are being used durning amnesia, but one area of the brain is majorly effected. The hippocampus is damaged which causes the loss of memory because of the fact the hippocampus is in charge of allot of your memory.
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In this video they are discussing how there is a lack of research because there is a lack of donation of brains. It is hard for them to study brains after trauma because they have to be gentle and careful due to previous damage.

Interesting Facts

There are multiple types of amnesia. They can be determined by the cause or length of memory loss.