learning spanish

one thing i learned from the powerpoint today was say there was a young boy/girl between the ages 3-5 and a teenager boy/girl between the ages 15-17 the younger ones are more capable of learning the language before the teen.The reasons behind that is that a younger child brains are like sponges and soak up everything it hears and see's rather then the teen brain witch has already been developed witch makes it harder for the teen to pick up the language rather then the baby's brain.But there are some advantages to being older one of them is being able to consiously make strategies witch a baby is not capable of.One of the other new facts i learned is that it takes about 2-3 years to learn a language consistantly.The reason why it takes a decent about of time is because not only do you have to speak it correctly but you have to write it and read it correctly witch takes time.Learning a language  takes time and desire if you really want to learn it you have to put in the work.