Saint Andrew School News

October/November 2021 School Newsletter

Dates to Remember

October Dates to remember:

10/1 - 12:00 Dismissal

10/1 - Student Council Installation Mass 9 AM

10/11 - Celebrate the End of Summer at Dairy Queen 7 - 9 PM

10/20 - Home and School General Meeting in McGettigan Hall @ 7:00 PM

10/22 - 1st Annual Trunk or Treat 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM McShain Bldg Schoolyard

10/27 & 10/28 - School portraits taken

10/30 - 12th Annual Spirit Run starting at 8:00 AM

November Dates to remember:

11/1 - All Saints Day - School is Closed

Saint Andrew The Apostle Church Mass Times: 11/1 6:30 AM, 12:00 PM, and 5:15 PM

11/2 - School Closed - Teacher In-Service Day

11/2 - 11/13 - Christmas Plant Sale (pick up on 12/3)

11/10 - 12/10 - Read-A-Thon

11/21 - 11/24 - Sam's Take Out Fundraiser

11/24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/25 - Thanksgiving Holiday - School Closed

11/26 - Thanksgiving Holiday - School Closed

11/29 - 1st Trimester Ends

Principal's Corner

Dear Parents,

The times we are living in are quite remarkable. It appears the world has gone mad. Yes, things are a bit off-kilter, even at school. The influences of social media are strong. Thanks to Tik Tok’s Devious Licks challenge, we’ve had our fill of damage to bathrooms in both buildings. The messages our children receive lead some to believe “anything goes”. Video games are violent, contemporary music is loaded with vulgar language and sexual innuendos. These serve only to agitate the human person, especially our young ones who have yet to reach the developmental stages of the brain which enables one to sort and categorize such information.

To paraphrase Mr. Lignore, some have been led astray from things that should be of utmost importance to them while they strive to excel at things that have no bearing on improving their future. We are engaged in a battle for the souls of our children. The administration and faculty of Saint Andrew School remain steadfast in their commitment to bring our students to know, love and serve God. We know who we are, and Whose we are. Our ways are guided by the Gospel and are counter-cultural.

As Catholic educators we are tasked with helping each person discern God’s will for his/her life. It is our responsibility and obligation to point out where one goes astray from building a culture of Life and a Civilization of Love. We know children respond to being contributing members of family and community. It is helpful to the growth and development of young ones to have chores at home and at school. At school students are held accountable for being prepared for class, keeping their desk in order and tidying up the classroom and cafeteria before they leave for the day. At home simple tasks such as making the bed, tidying up the common living area, setting the table, taking out trash, folding laundry and putting clothes away help build a sense of belonging and responsibility.

Recently I have found consolation in the words of Jesus as he prays for his followers in the Garden of Gethsemane.

As long as I was with them, I guarded them with your name which you gave me. I kept careful watch, and not one of them was lost, none but him who was destined to be lost---in fulfillment of the Scripture. Now however, I come to you; I say all this while I am still in the world that they may share my joy completely. I gave them your word, and the world has hated them for it, they do not belong to the world. I do not ask you to take them out of the world, but to guard them from the evil one. They are not of the world any more than I belong to the world. Consecrate them by means of truth---Your word is truth. As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world; I consecrate myself for their sakes now, that they may be consecrated in truth. (John 17: 12-19, New American Bible)

SAS partners with parents in the formation of their children. In order to further assist parents, we have contracted with The Culture Project for the next five years. The Culture Project is an initiative of young people who set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue. The Culture Project missionaries will give a parent presentation at the General Home and School Meeting originally scheduled for October 18th at 7:00 pm in McGettigan Hall. (However, I am aware this is a big night for the girls’ field hockey team. At the time of this writing, I am awaiting a response to see if the date can be changed.) Following the parent meeting the missionaries will then work with 7th and 8th-grade students in three sessions; Human Dignity, Sexual Integrity, and Social Media.

Other good news I am thrilled to share is that Saint Andrew School has been recognized as one of the Archdiocesan Schools of Distinct Instruction. This recognition is due to the growth our students demonstrated on the 2021 Terra Nova Tests last March. Growth is measured by comparing the Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE) score from the 2021 testing to the NCE of 2019. The students gave evidence of expected or greater than expected growth. We hope to continue on this path!

Finally, I am pleased to share with you that the Connelly Foundation has expanded the Connelly Access Program (CAP) to include all of the Archdiocesan elementary schools. CAP provides funding for programs created by quality arts, historic and scientific organizations for students in grades 4 through 8. Saint Andrew School will receive $4,762 to pursue cultural programs for this school year.

Let us continue to believe and be the Good in this world!

May God be praised in all we do!

Helen McLean, Ed.D

Vice Principal's Corner

Dear SAS Families,

If you have not already done so please be sure to complete the permission forms using this LINK. The Chromebook 1-1 Policy applies to all students 1st - 8th grades. The $25 protection plan is optional but recommended for all students in grades 1-8.

Ms. Jacquelyn Hart

Vice Principal

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Home and School News

Trunk or Treat is a go! Please use this form to register to trunk-or-treat. The form will close on October 18th at midnight and only registered families will be able to trunk-or-treat

Christmas Plant Sale will run from 11/2 to 11/13. Poinsettias, wreaths, and swags will be available. Delivery will be at the beginning of December. The store will open soon.

The Read-A-Thon will run from 11/10 - 12/10. This is a fantastic way to encourage nightly reading and earn money for our school. Forms with sign-up and donation information will be sent home at the beginning of November.

Membership Fee: Our Home and School Association is an active volunteer-based organization that supports St. Andrew School in many ways. We fund many programs and activities that enhance the learning experience. To name a few, the HSA fully funds assemblies and speakers, assists in the purchasing of equipment and supplies for the school and teachers, and sponsors community-building events. Although this year will look different, we typically plan various events throughout the year, so that we can come together as a community to enjoy some social time with our families and friends. In order to fund these events, we do have a Home and School membership fee of $25 that can be paid online through the school’s website. With your membership, you will receive an online directory, and you will help provide learning experiences for our students.

Family Directory: Please review your contact information in Option C. The information in your profile will be used in the directory.

Volunteers Needed for 2021-2022! Sign Up Genius

General Meeting: October 18th at 7 p.m. Presentation on the Culture Project

Important Dates:

October 11th -Saint Andrew’s Celebrates the End of Summer from 7-9 pm at Dairy Queen on Lansdowne Avenue in Drexel Hill. Make sure to LIKE Saint Andrew Home and School Association on Facebook and then POST pictures from the event and TAG us for a chance to win a prize

October 18th - General Meeting

October 22… Trunk or Treat

Coming in November:

11/2-11/13 Christmas Plant Sale (pick up date 12/3)

11/10-12/10 Read-A-Thon

11/21-11-24 Sam's Take Out


Dear Families,

Please consider supporting the Class of 2022 as we offer "extra" hot lunches in order to raise funds for the 8th-grade end-of-year dance and class gift.

Items are priced at $6 for Chick Fil A Nuggets and Sandwiches, $5 for 1 slice of pizza, and $6 for two slices.

These special 8th Hot Lunches DO NOT come with a snack and water. Please make sure you send a snack and drink with your child.

There are no refunds due to inclement weather or if a child is absent on a hot lunch day.

October - December orders are due by 10/18/2021. Late orders will not be accepted.

Orders can be placed here:

Thank you for your support of the 8th-grade fundraising program.

For questions related to the 8th-grade program, please contact Tricia Ezzie at

12th Annual Spirit Run

Registration is now OPEN for our 12th annual Spirit Run. Please click this LINK to register online at Run The Day.

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor the 12th Annual Spirit Run, there are several levels of sponsorship available, please see the files below.

Join Us

October 30th, 2021

1 Mile Fun Run

5K Run

CYO News

Sign up today for St. Andrew CYO basketball for boys and girls.

Registration closes on 10/31

JV (5th & 6th grade) and Varsity (7th & 8th grade) Basketball

Competitive CYO league basketball is open to St. Andrew school and parish youth, grades 5-8. The season runs from mid-November through February. Tryouts for JV and varsity registrants will be held as needed in early November; JV and varsity pre-season clinic dates will be announced soon. Children must be registered in order to try out for a team. Registrants will receive an email indicating the times and locations of the tryouts once they are scheduled.

Please note that payment must be made at time of registration. Registrants who do not participate will be given a full refund if withdrawn prior to the first scheduled practice. A refund will also be issued if a team does not form for whatever reason. If you have any questions, please send a message to

JJV (3rd & 4th grade) Basketball

Third and fourth grade (JJV) basketball is an unsanctioned sport, meaning that there is no set league, refs, or commissioner - games and scrimmages are scheduled individually by the coaches with the neighboring parishes, and the game and practice schedule is based on coaches' availability along with gym availability (which may be limited, as UDSD is not currently renting gym time), and also depends on what neighboring schools field teams and have gym time. At this level we will concentrate on learning the rules of the game and the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and court positions.

As we have not yet identified gym space or coaches for this level, we are taking wait-list registrations (you will not be charged until/unless teams are formed). Please sign up today if you are interested.

As always, in order to field teams, we need volunteers to assist. If you are able to volunteer, please register through SportsSignup or send an email to