The body issue;Synesthesia

What is synesthesia?

Have you ever heard of body issue called "Synesthesia"?

Synesthesia is a body issue that can occur one in 2,000 people, and it usually occurs more on females than males. This issue’s symptom is “seeing the sound, taste, and color” on anything that we don't typically see. For example, some people can identify the color on the numbers and sounds. Some can touch and know the shape of the taste. Some can even identify the personality of person by seeing the color of him/her. Study have shown that artists, writers and poets have synesthesia more than others who aren't.

What cause synesthesia?

Study suggest that this body issue might be heredity. Some people don't realize or don't see this condition as strange, while others avoid sharing their condition to others from fear of being stereotyped. Synesthesia comes in many forms, as many as more than 60. One of the most popular conditions is grapheme-color synesthesia. This condition makes viewers see the letters with certain colors, such as letter “A” seen as red. This particular type of condition is caused by excess interconnection in the visual cortex of the brain. Because of cross-wiring causing in the brain, people can smell sounds, taste sounds, and see the color in the number. What's actually going on in the brain is genetic abnormality causing areas in the brain to cross-wire.


This conditions treatment is still on research, however, many people who have synesthesia do not hurry to fix their conditions. Most of whom have this body issue actually like and prefer to keep their condition, since they have fear of feeling uncomfortable without this condition. This condition may be inherited from parents, although study haven't found out what is causing this to happen.