Few Things About Me

games, read, watch tv, learn about history, be with family

Love to play video games

I love to play video games as the little subtile thing there says. My favorite game company is square enix, they created the two games i love which are kingdom hearts and final fantasy. My favorite game in both series are in kingdom hearts, is kingdom heart: birth by sleep and in the final fantasy series so far is final fantasy 12 because there is a lot to do and it is really fun.


I love to read i have read many book but lately those are getting really boring to me so i have grown very fond of comics and manga. Comics that i read the most are the walking dead and my favorite manga series at this moment is Attack on Titan or AOT for short.

comics and manga i have read

love watching tv

tv ! :P

i love watching tv, i generally watch animes, cartoons, and a bunch of other stuff. favorite shows are Blue exorcist, Attack on Titan, Teen Titans, Walking Dead, Last Ship, NCIS, and NCIS Los Angeles.

Family <3

i love spending time with my family, we spend a lot of time together like we have family get togethers at random and for certain holidays and sometimes for someones birthday. this year was kind of odd and wasn't the same because i have a cousin in thee navy and he was deployed to italy from june 21 2014 to december 16 2014 and it was weird because he wasn't there and it sucked because he is like a big brother to me but great thing is as my friend olivia freeman knows and i have sorta already mentioned is that he came home before christmas so yea that was nice but umm thats it for me thanks for listening or reading which ever you did i honestly don't care because either way you learned a little about me.