The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963

BY: Christopher Paul Curtis MADE BY: Madalyn Clark

Summary of the Story Line:

In this story you will enter the funny life of ten year old Kenny and his family. But all together they are known as the Weird Watsons. In the story their is another character named Byron. He is a "official juvenile delinquent",when he starts becoming more badly behaved, all of the Weird Watsons are forced to send Byron to Alabama. That is when all of the kids meet their Grandma Sands,she is the on person that helps Byron become better behaved. But when the kids go to the lake Byron tell Kenny and his sister Joey a story {LIE} about the Whool Pooh, Whine the Pooh's twin EVIL twin brother. Will Kenny fall for Byron's trick or put his own life in danger.

Fun Facts About the Author:

* Christopher Paul Curtis is a Award wining children's book author.

* This book "The Watsons Go to Birmingham" is a Newbary Award winning book.

* In the book their is a bombing that actually happened in history of the Civil Rights Movement.

Some of the Characters are Mom,Dad,Byron,Kenny,and Joey:

More About the Author:

Christopher Paul Chirtis is a children's book writer and he has earned many accolades during this job. He has earned,Newbery,CSK honor, ALA best book,and ALA notable book Awards.

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