Stafford Library Newletter

6th 6 weeks

BOGO Book Fair

Our final book fair of the year has arrived! Every item in the book fair is "Buy One, Get One Free"! There are no exceptions to this!!!!

We will also have the required summer reading for Pre-AP and GT ILA students. Here is the list and what I will have:


Coming in 6th graders: My Life in Dog Years

Going to 7th grade: Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie (I do not have copies of this.)

Going to 8th grade: The Messenger (Working on getting.)

Going to 9th grade: To Kill a Mockingbird


Going into 6th grade: Stargirl

Going into 7th grade: Student picks a book from the Lone Star List found here .

Going into 8th grade: The Hobbit

Going into 9th: To Kill a Mockingbird.

BOGO Book Fair

Thursday, May 1st, 8am to Wednesday, May 7th, 1pm

2288 Little River Dr

Frisco, TX

Open each day from 7:55-4:00.

Also open for open house.

End of Year Information

I cannot believe it is already time for me to give this information. We are so close to the end that I am going to be telling students last days that the library is open and the day all books are due. So here they are!

The last day of checkout is Friday, May 16th.

The last day the library is open is Friday, May 16th.

The day that all books need to be turned in is Friday, May 23rd.

Lost Books

As we get closer to the end of the year, the students are going to start getting more reminders about what they have out. Our goal is to get as many items turned in by May 23rd as possible.

In the event that a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, there are a few options:

  • Cash brought into Mrs. Lassley.
  • Check made out to Stafford Middle School brought into Mrs. Lassley
  • Credit Card/Electronic Check on the website Use code 12b4. This is used with the book company I buy the library books from. It will send me an email and I will get the account taken care of.