Loss of childhood

Zayra Juarez & Yesenia Santos


Loss of childhood is surprising and hurtful because you cant be carefree.
Do ( original ) - We're in heaven
[Asianfanfic Trailer] My long lost childhood, Kim Jongin

My long lost childhood

The trailer and the novel are similar because the trailer talks about a girl who has lost her childhood and the novel is about losing your childhood.

For example she loses her childhood when she moves to another school and she falls in love, so she loses her virginity.

This shows that she loses her childhood and starts to turn into a women.

What is a 404?

The article shows explains loss of childhood is surprising and hurtful by showing how so many kids are now being like adults by crossing the border by themselves.

For example, "thousands of children under the age of 18 have fled Central America, hitched rides on top of trains through mexico, and crossed into the United States on there own."

This shows how children so young are losing their childhood and how hurtful it is for them to cross the border on there own.