Fred Siller bibliography

Sales Executive

Fred Siller- A journey of success through determination

“Treading forward with the idea of creating something extraordinary, Fred Siller has always been a visionary par excellence”.

One of the very few people in the sales and marketing business, Mr. Fred Siller has grown from strength to strength, creating laurels for his clients.

Education and early life

Born and brought up in Southern California, Mr. Siller is the eldest of 3 children. He received his basic education from Tennyson High School. After that he received his masters from Stanford Graduate School of Business, which is known to be one of the best in line.

Sales Executive

Initial work

He started off as a sales executive with a food joint. With time and experience, his

skills reached at par, and he served as the Sales executive at Stanley Black and

Decker. He worked with them for about 4 years where he polished his skills

further and came to be known as one of the most talented young people in the


Further work development

He was then offered the position of Sales Manager at Tesla Motors and is working

with them ever since. He has worked to develop their sales program and earned

great profits for the company over the years.

He has been awarded ‘sales person of the year by Times Magazine. He has won a

number of other accolades in the industry for being a capable and strategic sales

person, who knows exactly what the client needs and works to the point.