Gun Violence

What impact does gun violence have?

Gun violence has a big influence on things such as school safety and the questioning of mental health. It is easy to see how events that involve gun violence can lead to tactics for security, questions that involve the culprit, and influence the debate of gun control.

School Safety

Some people say that guns can be used for self-defense, but the experience of Sandy Hook showed that some people don't have the access or cannot bring guns into the environment they're in. Because of this, a report by a National Rifle Association task force launched a report that considers having armed staff and policeman working at schools. One claim their report is making is that having armed security around increases protection and decreases response time. To strengthen this argument, the report included a case in 1997 where an assistant principal redeemed his pistol from his truck to subdue a gunman that had killed two students. However, this argument also resulted in contradictions such as having armed workers at any place is not the right way to approach gun violence. Having armed teachers at school can also scare children and worry parents. School safety has been talked about a lot because many people want to protect the innocent adults and the young children.

The Questioning of Mental Health

Events that involve gun violence led to many questions about the protection of innocent people, the security of places, etc. Adding on to those investigations, the topic of mental health questions the kind of people that have access to guns. As an example, further investigation led to believe that the person responsible for the Sandy Hook school shooting, Adam Lanza, may have had autism or a personality disorder. If the ownership of guns were allowed, how could this problem of people with mental health become improved? Some people recommend that we must take charge of the mental-health system and help people with illnesses get treatment. If Lanza had gotten treatment, he probably wouldn't have committed his crime. Mental health is strongly connected to gun violence since it might have been the reason for why something bad was done.

Gun Control Debate

The topic of gun control brings up many arguments and debate. The Pew Research Center suggests that Americans remain almost equally balanced on both sides (with 47% supporting gun restriction and 46% supporting the protection of gun rights). Some say that gun control should be allowed, but only after a thorough background check so that officials can know the history of that person (whether they have committed a crime or have a mental illness). Gun violence is hugely influential on the argument of gun control since people are fighting for what they think is safer: having their own personal gun with them or not allowing ownership at all.

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