Under A War Torn Sky

Chapters 13-16 by Sheldon, Finn, Samantha, and Umar


Chapter 13 (Umar)

Pierre's mother sends Pierre and Henry on a job to hunt animals for his sick grandfather. While preparing for the job, Henry discovered Pierre's mother works of the maquis! When Henry and Pierre were hunting, he saw his uncle Jaques. Henry was fearful if Jaques would kiss him when he got punched. He was confirmed to be an American this way.

Chapter 14 (Sheldon)

Henry is having a nice dinner with Pierre's family. When someone comes knocking on the door. It's the Nazi's. Henry and Pierre hide between the cows in the manger. They're safe, but they don't know what will happen to Pierre's family. After they left he slid out from the cows and the manger and kissed his head for hiding them. Now they must find Pierre's family.

Chapter 15 (Finn)

Henry and Pierre run into the barn to hide in the manger and hay from soldiers who have attacked their house. The soldiers already shot his grandfather and kidnapped his mother. Henry decided that they had to run from the farm, so he told Pierre the plan and they bursted into running. Thinking they were far enough from the barn, Henry asked Pierre if there was someone or somewhere he could take the boy to, in which he replied no. Rustling noises were heard so Henry pulled out his knife to put against the throat of whatever was making the noise. It was a soldier sent by Pierre’s uncle to attack the cars that kidnapped his mother. Since the soldier thought that Henry should bring the boy to a safe place, they took him to the church where the priest took them to a Cistercian Abbey where Pierre could be safe. Henry said goodbye and left.

Chapter 16 (Samantha)

When he was going through the woods and mountains with this teenage guy, and they stopped at a cave for a night. In the morning, they arrive at the camp that the teen was from. Henry met one of his old friends, Billy White. As they were eating, Billy talked about how he got there and how he was fighting against the Nazi's. This showed that Billy was a much different person than he looked.

Our Favorite Part

Our favorite part of the book was when the Nazi's invaded the house because there was much tension and drama. It made you want to continue reading to find out what happens right after.

Henry Forester

He is the main character and a Protangonist in the story. Henry is a pilot who was in a fight against other planes and was shot down and survived. Throughout the book, you will see his bravery, his friendliness, and learn that Henry is tough but fair. He is a person who would get the job done when you need it done.


Pierre is a little boy who is the son of his mother and lives with his grandfather. He likes to play, but becomes serious when its time to focus. He was taught by Henry to speak English while he taught Henry to speak French. He is a nice, brave, caring, and sensitive boy.

Billy White

An old buddy of Henry from the Air Force. He fought off Nazi's and is what you would call a brat or an immature adult. He grew up with rich parents, which includes the father who commited suicide and not telling him, so he thinks that he is better than many other people. He doesn't work hard and is fearful.