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April 27, 2020

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Personal Well-Being - Time Management

Last week I challenged everyone to think carefully about how focused they have been on their personal well-being. Given the blurred lines that exist between work and home at the moment, being aware of our mindset around this topic is more important than ever.

As a reminder, the wellness factors that we are focusing on are:

  • Exercise: Are exercise and movement incorporated into your daily and weekly plans? How do you define success in this area?
  • Time-Management (Routines): What does an ideal day or week look like for you? Are you developing a schedule or routine (even though children, spouses, work, the weather, and more may throw that plan off)?
  • Sleep: How many hours of sleep do you typically get? What time are you going to sleep and waking up? What is your routine before going to bed?
  • Food: Do you plan your meals ahead of time? Are your meals balanced? What are your readily available snack options?
  • Relationships: Are you communicating your feelings, opinions, joys... and annoyances openly (and lovingly) with others in your home? Are you maintaining (or re-establishing) connections to friends and family?

We started off by focusing on exercise last week, which ironically ended up being my worst week for physical activity in a while. I ended the week having worked out two days last week, but my weekly goal is five days. Our focus this week will be time management, which would have helped me better prioritize my personal goals. It is important to maintain a balance between holding ourselves accountable for our goals and giving ourselves grace when we fall short.

Quote of the Week

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Time Management

I believe the most important factor around the topic of time management is effort. Merely putting forth the effort to jot down everything that needs to be done, prioritize those tasks, and build a plan for execution will go a long way towards increasing your productivity (and reducing stress and anxiety).

Numerous time-management approaches exist, often outlining specific detailed steps, and if applied consistently, I am sure they would work. I am not going to present a singular strategy, as everyone's needs are unique. I do strongly encourage you to find (or create) a system that works for you. I have included a video and an article below that each focus on successful time management from a big-picture point of view. If this is a topic that you struggle with, I encourage you to take some time to read and/or listen.

How To Plan Your Week For Success | Scheduling Tips | Improve Time Management Skills
Time Management Tips for Teachers Working From Home

Stripped of timetables and devoid of lunch bells, the school day looks very different when working from home. Click to read about how you can make the most of your time.

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