Prairie Habitats

By Mrs. Shol

What is in a Prairie?

Prairies are made up of mostly different kids of grasses. There are a few trees on a prairie. Most of the prairie is wide open space covered in tall native grass. Prairies have rich soil. This made prairies great places for farms.
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What Animals live in a Prairie?

Carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores live in a Prairie. There are larger animals like bison that live in the prairie. Bison eat the long grass that grows in the prairie. Coyotes also live on the prairie. They eat other animals that feed on the grasses. A prairie dog is a small animal that eats both plans and insects that live on the prairie. Other animals that live on the prairie are deer, badgers, butterflies, hawks, grasshoppers, ants, rabbits, snakes, and owls.


Summer is hot and winters are cold on the prairie. It can be more than 100 degrees in the summer and well below zero in the winters. Animals here have adaptations that help them to handle the changes in temperatures. The rain fall in the prairie in the late spring and early summer. The prairie also gets a lot of snow. When the snow melts, it helps the grasses and plants of the prairie to grow. Tornadoes can happen in the prairie. Sometime when lightening strikes the grasses it can start fires that move across the prairie.