Will Moorman: A Writer

Reflections of a 12 year old writer

I`m a Writer Who...

I`m a writer who likes real things. I think I could not write a book, but I can write about my everyday life for sure. I want to try to be more of a writer because as of now, I`m not all that great. As a writer, my fears are getting the right words in. What this means is that I cannot always use good words. I hope in the future I will be a strong writer.

A Memorable Experience

One time on a rainy day, I thought in my head of a story. at this time I was happy to write and it got my going. I grabbed my computer and started writing as fast as I could. At this time I was in the zone. I ignored everything around me. This was probably the best time when I was writing.

6th Grade Writing Goals

  • One of my goals is to get better at writing.
  • Another goal is to get faster at writing.
  • I want to learn how to use proper words.

About Me

I live in a family of 5 (including me). I have an older brother and a younger sister. I Love to play tennis. I have 2 cats and I`m going to get fish soon.