Night of the Twisters

Ivy Ruckman by Abe Shaffer

Main characters

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Problem and Solution

Problem: There was a tornado destroying everything and every house in site. Also every one is getting split up by the massive tornado. Solution: Everyone is getting back together. Also a year later every house got built back together.
problem. Dan falls of his bike because a kid got in his way. He flipped over the curb and broke his bike. Solution. he got up and walked over the finish line. Also he won a brand new bike that was way better.


First it was summer and Dan and Arthur were at aunt Goldie Doing arts and crafts and some rapid winds picked up. arthur and Dan were watching the news and the meteorologist said there was a tornado.

So then Dan got baby Ryan. but he got stuck in the mobile. when Dan got him out they rushed to the basement bathroom. after hours they finally got up to find mom and smiley.

they looked for hours they finally found mom then they got split up to find smiley after that they could not get back together. they Stacey and Arthur left Dan when there dad came. A officer tried to help Dan but he refused. when he thought all hope was lost he found his parents.


The setting was in Grand Island Nebraska. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln. one of the major rivers is the Missouri River. One of the famous landmarks is the Chimney Rock.