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Fall 2019

Follett Resources on the LibGuide

There are many resources available to you on the SLS LibGuide, including resources for Follett. Under the Follett Library Automation tab, we have screencast tutorials on how to add a patron, how to run all kinds of reports, how to delete from your catalog and much more.


Destiny 17.0 Updates and Enhancements

At our last Follett User Group Meeting, we discussed the many updates and enhancements that took place over the summer. For example, if you are interested in setting up a self-checkout station in your library, student sensitive information is now protected. That means students will only see what you want them to see while using self-checkout.

Other updates in Library Manager include:

Destiny Discover Updates and Enhancements

Most of the updates and enhancements in Discover are amazing. Follett is heading in the direction of librarian control over the interface. Some examples are:



Destiny Collections creates new, collaborative ways for librarians, teachers and students to share free or purchased resources across the district, school or with other users. Students and teachers can access district resources in Destiny Discover and add them to any Collection. Each collection can include web pages, images, documents, eBooks, and more! Collections can also be shared publicly or kept private. With Collections, teachers can quickly pair content to instruction, and students can collect and curate resources for assignments, projects and tasks.
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In Need of Improvement

The change in the Discover page Learning Links has not been well received. We agree with you that they don’t look appealing and that the ability to make changes to the interface in Discover has take a negative turn when Follett said there would be more customizability, not less. We continue to work with Follett to improve this feature, or at least put it back the way that it was. Follett is a large corporation and so sometimes enhancements and changes like this take time.

Another sore subject is the "Related Stuff" feature in the simplified view. Follett has turned that feature off until further notice because they are fixing a bug. The plan is to restore the feature once the bug is fixed.

The most important point we continually bring up to Follett is that they need to communicate with customers if they plan to make big changes to the interface and features. We have explained to Follett how this impacts you and the students.

Please continue to submit enhancement requests, showing what the impact on student learning is when these types of changes are made. Believe it or not, Follett does take these requests seriously. Submitting enhancement requests is the best and fastest way to let Follett know that you are displeased.

If you have not done so already, please create a Customer Portal account so that you can submit the requests. Please contact Amanda if you do not have all the information you need to create the account.

User Group Meeting Dates

The next Follett User Group Meeting is on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. ALL ARE WELCOME :)

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