By: Eve and Jordan

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Sciency facts

atomic number


atomic mass


state in room temperature


metal, nonmetal, or metalloid


physical properties

Shiny, grey, hard, lightly reflective, solid, melting point (419.53), density (7.14g/cm3)

how is it used?

Construction, cosmetics/pharmaceuticals, the making of brass

zinc is very important to all of these industries even though they're very diverse

Where's It from? How is it extracted?

Russia, Canada, Peru, USA, and Australia

Zinc is mined under ground. Once it has been extracted, it is heated up to cause zinc, sulfur, and iron oxidization.

Benefits? Hazards?

Zinc deficiency can cause slow wound healing, loss of appetite, loss of sight/smell. Too much zinc can cause vomiting, skin irritation, nausea.

interesting facts

It is used in American pennies

It is hard for plants to grow in soils that have zinc

It can be found in water as well as soil


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