Mandatory Tutoring for Spanish I

ACP failure: Tues and Thurs. 4:15-5pm.

Tuesday and Thursday Spanish I tutorials in Mrs. Cruz- room 137 (4:15 to 5:00)


Please be advised that your son/daughter failed the Spanish I first semester ACP. I need your help to make sure that this does not happen for the Second Semester ACP test. The plan is to get these students ready for the Second semester ACP. After school tutorials will be the only answer to assure success. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in assuring the academic success of your son/daughter at ARMS. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school and leave me a message or if you have an email you can email me @ Thank you.

Teacher: 7th grade @ ARMS Spanish I and Spanish I for Native speakers

Mandatory tutoriols

If you did not learn it in class because you were not paying attention, now you are facing the consequences and there is no way out or around it. This is the chance for you to make up what you lost. You did not make it, you did not pass, this is not a joke, now you have to pay the price. It's ok, because these tutoring sessions are meant for you to get ready and prepared for the second chance you are getting to not have to repeat this in HS. If you don't, all it means is you wasted a whole year. That will be a shame. However, with your efforts, your parents support and mine, you will do just fine. Welcome aboard to Ms. Liriano's tutoring Spanish II class every Tuesdays and Thursdays, tutorials will continue until the next ACP, or until I believe the student is ready. This will be held in Mrs. Cruz's room #137.

Online Textbook

Keyword: EXP1 CH__ (enter chapter number)

Use this link to access the Online Textbook to practice and reinforce what was learned in class.

Smaller groups

Some students need a smaller group setting. Less distractions, and more personal. Students will be able to ask specific questions that they are not getting for what ever reason, discuss ways to be able to understand what is confusing to them during a whole class that is full of students.