Harriet Day

By: Kiera e.

Dear Congress ,

I feel Harriet Tubman should have her own holiday. Because she helped all the slaves who needed freedom. And devoted her life to the act. It should also be on her birthday March

10, to honor her.

First of all

Harriet was brave! Because even though she was a slave she kept fighting for freedom. And she knew that she would have to leave her husband and life to help helpless slaves.


She was inspiring , She never gave up on what she believed in. She also made sure she got what she deserved as well as others . And what believed & deserved was a slave free life.


Harriet's stubborn . Because she never let anyone take her rights away. And never

changed her mind about slavery.

In Cunclusion

Harriet Tubman should have her own holiday . because she's brave , inspiring ,& stubborn in the good way ! I hope my wish will come true.
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