Chicago, Illnoise

Nicest place in Illnoise

Location - where is it?

Chicago is located in the northeastern Illnoise on the the southwestern shores of lake Michigan. It is the principal city in Chicago metropolitan area situated in the midwestern united stats and the great lake region.

Place -where is it?

Chicago is a peaceful place people like moving there cause it is a big beautiful city and it attracts a lot of tourist because of it. There is always something to do there like play with friends, ask parents if they can take you out. but you don't want to stay outside without a parent cause that's when the gangs come out and all the bad stuff happens.

Region -how it is similar to areas near by

Chicago is like a lot of other places in that area most areas have the same weather,religion,weather and lots of other stuff Chicago is a nice place cause you do stuff outside all year round. most people people talk the same language but if you speak a different language there are places like china town and lots of other town that are mostly that culture.

Movement -why might people move there

Chicago attracts a lot of tourist because it is a big and bright city that's why people go there a lot like me.People move there because it is big city nice in most areas and safe.But they move there cause it has a lot of career opportunities,like the city life,it is where you grew up,cultural institutions and lots of other things.

Human environment interactions -do people change the world around them

Chicago is a very diverse city.People immigrated there in the 1920's many Europeans countries like Germany,Poland,Irish,Czechs moved to Chicago.