oGT Newsletter

April 7th, 2016


Hey everyone! I hope you're all surviving the post-midterm crunch! As the semester winds down, it's easy to start to panic about getting all of your EPs accepted, so please be sure to use your resources! Below is the contact information for the NSB, as well as global searchtools and some TNs available for quick matching. If you need any other support, please feel free to reach out so we can make this the BIGGEST Summer Peak EVER!

Shane Brannigan: IR TL

shane.brannigan@aiesec.net, +1-484-643-3318

Amanda Siegel: oGT Coach

ogx-ceeder@aiesecus.org, +1-347-266-4304

Erin Gallahorn: oGT Coach

erin.gallahorn@aiesec.net, +1-724-989-5216

Adriana Villar: MCVP oGIP

adrianav@aiesecus.org, +1-917-972-9791



Our lovely MCVP oGT elect, Amanda Siegel, is venturing off to India this month to complete a CEEDership with the Indian MC, doing sales, to try to secure opportunities for American EPs. As she's forging this partnership, she needs your help! Please send any CVs that you have of EPs interested in India to amandas@aiesecus.org so that she can set proper expectations with companies and get us some opportunities!


  • Shoutout to NYC, SLO, and Appalachian for being the top 3 LCs for oGT Approvals so far this year! Keep it up!
  • Shoutout to NYC for breaking 25 realizations for oGT already this year!
  • Shoutout to Michigan for being top 1 in March for Approvals

Website Links

Check out the new microsites for our partner programs! Be sure to give these to interested EPs and ensure your Marketing Teams have this information.

Global Searchtools

Having issues finding opportunities for your EPs? Want to find all of the opportunities in a specific country? Check out National Searchtools! These tools, compiled by each AIESEC Entity, have information and EXPA links on all of the opportunities open in each entity. If you have EPs interested in specific countries, check out the links below and start matching!

AIESEC in Belgium Matching Newsletter Sign Up Link

AIESEC in Brazil Searchtool

AIESEC in Chandigarh, India Searchtool

AIESEC in Chile Searchtool

AIESEC in China (MoC) Teaching Searchtool

AIESEC in Colombia Searchtool

AIESEC in Delhi University Searchtool

AIESEC in France Searchtool

AIESEC in Malaysia Searchtool

AIESEC in Mexico Searchtool

AIESEC in Mexico PwC Partnership Searchtool

AIESEC in Peru Searchtool

AIESEC in Singapore Searchtool

AIESEC in Spain Searchtool

AIESEC in Thailand Searchtool

***Be sure to check visa requirements for these countries, as some have specific requirements for incoming EPs!***

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Teaching Partner Programs

Have EPs interested in Teaching English abroad? Check out our partner teaching programs in Spain, Mexico, China, Colombia, and Turkey! With short-term to long-term teaching programs in a variety of settings, these are really easy-to-approve opportunities. Check out the tool below for more information, and be sure to check back often as it is updated constantly with new information!

Teaching Projects Tool

Interested in programs in other countries but can't find any supply? Reach out to the International Relations TL, Shane, at shane.brannigan@aiesec.net or at +1-484-643-3318!

***FYI: Teach Spain in Valencia should not be promoted to EPs due to the current quality issues. Until further notice, continue matching EPs to Teach Spain TNs only in Barcelona/Blanquerna.***

TNs Ready To Go

Business in the Philippines

Entity: The Philippines

Start Date: May 30th, 2016 (Flexible)

Duration: 6-12 Months

Available Positions: 2

Contact: isabella.dayto@aiesec.net

OPID: 717544 and 717207

Info: These two business TNs offer a Php 20,000 monthly stipend, accommodations, and performance bonuses! The start date is flexible. Please contact the above e-mail with any questions! Check out the company here: multirational.com/company-profile/.

Business & IT in Mexico

Entity: Mexico

Start Date: May 2nd, 2016 (Flexible)

Duration: One Year

Available Positions: Business: 1 | IT: 2

Contact: oscar.alcantara1@aiesec.net

OPID: Business: 733660 | IT: 733658

Info: Check out these positions open for Software Developers and a Business Analyst in Mexico City, Mexico! Pay is $574 per month. Apply here: https://podio.com/webforms/11118804/785231.

Sales in Uruguay

Entity: Uruguay

Start Date: April, 2016

Duration: 20-25 Weeks

Available Positions: 1

Contact: gabriela.morais@aiesec.net

OP Link: https://experience-v1.aiesec.org/#/opportunities/721893

Info: This is a shorter term business program in Montevideo, Uruguay. The salary is $1,000 per month for the duration of the TN.

Software Development in Germany

Entity: Germany

Start Date: June 30th, 2016

Duration: Six Months

Available Positions: 1

Contact: icx.koeln@aiesec.de

OPID: 740430

Info: The internship will be all about working on the firms interesting projects, supporting the team in their daily tasks, developing connectors to various systems, modeling data for automated real-time analyses, and vizualizing data for interactive correlation-based analyses. Pay for this position is $1,800 per month.

Customer Service in China

Entity: China

Start Date: ASAP

Duration: 6 Months

Available Positions: 4

Contact: liuqingyu.nju@aiesec.net

OPID: 719165

Info: Paid customer service opportunity in the tourism industry with a monthly stipend of $705 per month. Contact the above e-mail with any questions!

Business in Belgium

Entity: Belgium

Start Date: June, 2016

Duration: One Year

Available Positions: 1

Contact: jose.correia@aiesec.be

OP Link: https://experience-v1.aiesec.org/#/opportunities/729415

Info: This is one of many business TNs available for Belgium. This particular TN involves sales, logistics, and project development. Apps must be submitted via Podio here: https://podio.com/webforms/13114385/892885.

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