Fun Test Taking Straegies



When you are about to take a test you want to be chill. Which means be relaxed you don't wan to be nervous when you are about to take a test because you might over think things. It's best to just keep it simple. Here are a few little tips and tricks I use when taking a test. Hope you enjoy and good luck on your test.

"R E L A X"

R-Read questions carefully

E-Examine all answer choices

L-Look through the passage for important details

A-Always reread and double check answers

X- X out wrong answers


"R U N N E R S"

This is my personal favorite strategy.

R- Read the question thoroughly

U-underline and circle important details

N-Number paragraphs

N-Now you can read through the passage

E-Eliminate wrong answers

R-Reread the passage

S-Select the most accurate answer choice for the question

Be Confident

You should always be confident in yourself when taking a test. You don't want to second guess yourself and get the answer wrong.
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