July Non-Apparel Newsletter

Month in Review

Quality Updates: upping the quality

We've some great improvements from one of our critical vendors this month! Since starting our new communication process with East Lion Corp., we have seen a significant drop in unsalable product. Through pictures and defect rates sent from the vendor, we have been able to stop poor quality shoes, lowering VP's from this once reoccurring offender.

I wish we could say that about all of our vendors! But alas, roll over the photos below and read about some of our most outstanding quality issues of July.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best...

...but mostly, prepare for the worst.

Total # of Vendor Problems: 99
↑ 10% increase from June

Total # of affected units: 17,990
Total cost of units: $247,262.31

Avg. cost per unit: $13.74

Not surprisingly, we've seen an increase of vendor problems this month. We will be seeing this trend for the next few months in anticipation for the holiday seasons. Buyers should saddle up for tons of emails from both Jordyn and myself.

This month, I've included a chart of vendors with a high VP frequency. These are vendors that had three or more VP's turned in during July. Some other vendors that I anticipate seeing more VP's from in the coming months based on past performance include Naughty Monkey, Mojo Moxy, and Twin Tigers.

Comparing June and July; there's been an increase in new items getting VP'd as well as an increase in quantity issues. We are also seeing an increase in apartment and shoe VP's, whereas last month was more or less split evenly between the 4 sub-categories. Please see the pie charts below for more information.



Customer Feedback

Thanks for another great month of purchases for our amazing customers enjoy!

Much of the feedback my team has heard in the past is still circulating- but with a few additions. Healthy pet accessories are in high demand as well as additions to our shoe collection, including sizing and materials! My advocates have also told me they are still hearing customers ask for more cup sizes in all styles of intimates. They have also expressed that customers have asked for more beauty and cosmetic items to launch on the site. With holiday season just around the corner these stocking stuffers will soon be in high demand!

Take a look at some feedback below regarding our pet accessories and shoe collection:

Pet Accessories

Katie S. from Chicago, Illinois

“I am usually looking for safe toys for my pup - she is a terrier and chews everything. I try to watch her all of the time, but sometimes she bites off ends of the toy and digests it. I need toys that are safe in her tummy just in case that happens. I love organic or all natural treats, cute accessories, cute food/water bowls, blankets and beds.”


Diane P. from Fair Oaks, California

“What about PLUS-sized FEET??? I adore your selection of Plus-Sized clothing! But, when it comes to buying your shoes, I hit road blocks with sizes topping out at 11 or 41. I wear Size 12 W. When will you start carrying plus-sized shoe sizes to fit us plus-sized ladies?!

Deborah M. from Lincoln, Delaware

“Hello! I'm a huge fan of your designs, and especially love your shoes and dresses, but I have a bit of a problem. Almost none of your heels come in a size eleven! I can't be the only girl that’s got bigger feet, so do ya think you could do something about that?”

Veronica G. from San Jose, California

“I wish there was more heels in size 5 most start in size 6”

Monica D. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Hi, I'm writing because I'm a little frustrated with your shoe selection. I love your style - your buyers have fabulous taste. Unfortunately, I can't find a single pair of leather shoes! Before people were vegan, "faux-leather" meant cheap, and frankly, it still does. I absolutely believe in humanely raising animals, and I eat very little meat and only humanely raised, BUT I don't think that should mean that you don't carry quality leather shoes. Leather lasts longer, so I will use less resources re-buying shoes every season, and real leather both looks and feels nicer. Faux leather doesn't wear well - it gives blisters, it cracks, and it just looks cheap, like payless shoes. Plus, since it doesn't last, you have to buy them more often, using more resources, especially chemicals and oil used to make plastics involved in the fake materials. Please consider carrying some quality real leather shoes - I'll be your first buyer.”

I hope this feedback helps! I will be on the lookout for more to come!

Questions? Comments?

We would love to hear your feedback. We welcome anything! Please contact us and let us know what you think!