Legalization of Marijuana

Do you think it should be legalized?

The Good in Marijuana

It helps people who are deadly sick eat and get better. It helps with the economy. Gathers a lot of tax money. The NIBRS(National Incident-Based Reporting) reveals a 41% decrease in drug arrests.

The bad in Marijuana

1 in 6 kids become addicted after using it just once. Marijuana is currently the leading cause of substance dependence other than alcohol. It could end up causing lung cancer. Our country stands ready to once again head down the path of accepting another addictive drug.


Your either with it or against it

  • In Colorado of 2010 there was 30,000 possession charges but now in 2014 it has fell down to just 2,500 charges.
  • For every 1$ in tax revenues, society loses 10$ in social costs.

  • Average trade in marijuana is estimated at 113$ billing, which means 45$ billion in taxes is passing by.

  • The chart shows that back in 1969-2009 almost the same amount of people support it then they are against it.

What Are the Real Effects of Legalizing Weed?