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Gifted and Talented Newsletter

Welcome Back - 2019-2020 School Year

I hope your school year is off to a great start. I plan to start pulling GT students for additional enrichment, and to work on their independent research projects, starting the week of August 26th

Timbers Elementary Gifted and Talented Program Overview

  • The Humble ISD G/T Program is a 5-day a week program.

  • Elementary G/T students are placed with a GT endorsed and/or certified classroom teacher. The classroom teacher provides differentiated instruction in the core subjects daily. The majority of the G/T services are provided by the classroom teacher.

  • Elementary G/T students also participate in additional enrichment activities with the Extended Learning Teacher (ELT) during the school year. Students will complete an independent research project each school year during this pull out time.

GT Supply List

Students can bring in a supply box to keep in the GT classroom. They will have a cubby to keep their own materials in. Several students left their boxes with me last year so I will give them back when we meet. If your child wants to bring a supply box I suggest the following items:

pencils, glue sticks and/or bottles, markers, crayons, colored pencils sticky notes, and scissors

Preferred Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Please click to complete the attached form to help me build my contact address book.

A Helping Hand

Click to check out our Donors Choose project. We are trying to get lap desk to use with our floor chairs so students can work around the room with ease.