Toddler Toys

By: Arianna Needham

Stride-To-Ride Dino

The Stride-To-Ride Dino walker is cut out for children of ages 9-36 months. The supplies needed for this toy is three AA batteries. The dino walker helps young children improve on their sensory skills and their balance and coordination. Most you children get the benefit of learning how to walk or take their first steps.

Little People Classic Shapes Blocks

The Classic Blocks are for children 1-4 years old. It helps kids to understand more of thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, and also curiosity and discovery. The more kids use this toy the more they will understand how to use their imagination and how to be more creativity with other things they do. The toy doesnt require anything except for the 50 pieces of blocks.

Magical Tea For Two

The Magical Tea For Two is a good toy for young children the age of 2 years old to 6 years old. It teaches kids how to share well with others and cooperate more with other children. It also allows children to use their imagination and creativity more. It is a good benefit for children because they will learn how to be more thoughtful when it comes to sharing toys.

Animal Sounds Zoo Train

Animal sounds zoo train is a toy cut out for children the age of 1-5 years. This toy teaches kids to improve their skills such as sensory, and fine motor. It also teaches children how to use their imagination, creativity, curiosity, and discovery. All this skills are needed in young children when they grow up. This toy requires you to have two double A batteries.