Quiz of the Classes

Directions on How to Play the Game


  • The Game Board
  • Playing Pieces (4-6 players are allowed to play)
  • Question Cards
  • A Note Pad
  • A Writing Utensil
  • A Die
  • Something That Can Be Grabbed (this game provides a toy to grab)

The Game Objective

The goal of this game is to score the highest grade on your quiz out of all of your classmates by obtaining the most points.


  • The use of a source that relates to the four subjects mentioned in this game is prohibited (ex: test reviews, notes, and etc.).
  • When a person grabs the toy, they have to answer within ten seconds of grabbing the toy
  • Avoid using any physical actions that can harm other players.
  • Your hands have to be by your side while the question is being read.
  • For every question card, only ONE person is able to answer it.

Game Setup

First, arrange the game board in an area where all the players can interact with the board. When the board has been laid out, place the toy (frog) in the middle of the board (the toy will be returned to the middle after every time it is used throughout the game). Then, remove the question cards out of the bag, sort them by color (after sorting, please shuffle the cards), and place them in a comfortable place, so all of the players can reach them throughout the game. After that, allow the participating players to choose a playing piece and then designate someone to keep track of points during the game. You should use a notepad and pencil to keep track of points. Once every player has chosen a playing piece, place the playing pieces on the "START" spot that is located at the beginning of the game board. Next, have each player roll the die and the player with the highest roll will go first (the player with the highest roll can decide whether the turn order will go clockwise or counter-clockwise).

Spots and Symbols in the Game

Green Spot- represents a Science question card.

Orange Spot- represents a Texas History question card.

Pink Spot- represents a Language Arts question card.

Yellow Spot- represents a Math question card.

Rainbow Color Spot- allows you to select any card.

Positive/Negative Spot- allows you to pick up a Positive/Negative card.

Panda Sticker- (located on a question card) doubles the point value found on the card.

How to Play the Game

To start the game, the highest roller will roll first. Once the player has rolled, the player will move their playing piece on the game board the number they have rolled (Die= 6 then Spaces= 6). If the player lands on a spot that resembles the color of one of the question cards, then they will select a question card that matches the color of the spot. Next, the player will read out the question aloud. This is where the toy comes in handy. After the question is read, ANY player can grab the toy (there is a 100 point deduction penalty if a player grabs the toy before the question is read completely. If this occurs, redraw a new question card.) and answer the question (untie the yarn around the card to reveal the answer). If the player answers correctly then add the number of points found on the card to their score sheet. But if they answer incorrectly there is a penalty. When you answer incorrectly, you're penalized with a 50 point deduction. As you go through the game there are four other types of spots that you can land on. Two of them just add or subtract to the points on your score sheet, these are the red and blue spots. A player may land on a spot that has a positive and negative sign on it. This spot allows you to pick up a positive/negative card. When you pick up this card and read it, it may be an action that is beneficial to you or an action that can "harm" you. A player can also land on a rainbow colored spot. The rainbow colored spot gives you the choice of selecting ANY type of card (this includes: any of the question cards and positive/negative cards). At some point in the game, someone will make it to the end of the game board... Once this happens, that specific player will have to wait till ALL the players make it to the end of the board in order to get their quiz grade. While waiting, they cannot answer anymore questions to obtain more points. After everyone has made it to the end, someone can grab out the grade scale and scale the points of each player. The player with the highest grade is the one who wins the game.

~scores can go into the negatives (ex: -400 points)

*when cleaning up the game, please retie all the question cards and return all the supplies to wear they belong.