2nd Hand News

November 9-13

2nd grade was busy last week with place value and moving from using hands-on materials to writing regrouping. We listened to Native American literature and entered the homestretch of reading My Father's Dragon. The Word Detectives are expanding their vocabularies by finding juicy words and being able to define them. We are tapping out phonemes to decode new words, and switched from regular to irregular plurals this week in spelling. Ask your student if he or she has any thoughts about the Great Comma Debate...one of the many things we talk about during the Daily Edit (in addition to rhyming, word families, and tenses).

2nd grade was very proud to be represented by 6 talented classmates in the Talent Show. Bravo!

Let's do a No Rain Dance for Tuesday, Nov. 17th, the new date of our field trip to the Lenape Village. Please bring lunch, watch the weather, and dress accordingly for our outside trip.

Many thanks for your kind support during this long week for our community. I love being with the children and I am grateful for the BFS spirit. I hope you had a peaceful weekend.

Mrs. Nyce