Software Engineering

Mahita Beeram 2B

On a Typical Day

Software engineers typically work on a computer doing 8-10 hour shifts developing programs and building websites. It requires excellence in skills of mathematics, and computer science.

They would generally spend a day working for a specific company at an office, researching, designing, developing, maintaining and controlling their software systems.


The median annual pay of a software engineer is $93,374, as of 2012.

Educational Requirements

The education required for a software engineer is completion of:

  • high school diploma
  • bachelors degree (minimum)
  • If specializing or working with applications, major in computer science or mathematics.

Why it Might be the Right Option for You...

The occupation of an engineer would be suitable for a lot of personalities, as the job requires high knowledge of the computer, takes place in common office settings and in some cases, has the option of working from home. It is a social and interactive job that gives good pay, and can be relaxing by not requiring much mobility.