Weekly Reading Buddy Blog

Sherwood Mills P.S.

Reading Buddy Blog

Each week we will have the opportunity to work with the grade 1 class at Sherwood Mills Public School. This activity will allow us to meet the following;

B3.2 explain how environmental factors in the early years influence development later in life (e.g., influences on later-life health, school performance,socialization, emotional maturity)

B3.3 describe developmentally appropriate learning environments for children from birth to six years of age

B3.4 explain how and why outdoor play contributes to children’s physical and emotional health (e.g., by providing opportunities for vigorous exercise and connection with the natural environment, by laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle in the future)

You are encouraged to take pictures of the books you read or the activities you and your buddy work on (please do NOT take pictures of their faces). To ensure you are meeting the above ministry expectations you will be required to write a weekly blog (using Blogger as your platform) to share your knowledge and understanding of course content and applying that knowledge on a weekly basis with your buddy. Your blog will incorporate a weekly question/thought which be posted each week. Please check here each week for your blog topic.

Week 1 (February 21)

Your blog should include the following:

Your initial reaction to meeting your buddy

How you think it went

What did you do

Remember it's your thoughts so it should be written in first person.

Week 2 (Feb. 27)

What did you do this week with your buddy?

Was anything different with your interaction with them? Were they more talkative, more challenging?

What do you foresee will be some challenges with your buddy?

Week 3 (March 6)

What are some similarities and differences between your Kindergarten and Gr. 1 buddies?

Are your Kindergarten buddies in JK or SK? What are their abilities and skills? For example, can they write their name, do they know what grade they're in? Can you understand them when they speak?

What age group do you prefer to work with? Why?

Week 4 (March 20)

  1. Tell me about your kindergarten buddy, are they in JK or SK? Do they talk to you? What centre or centres do they prefer to play at? Are you experiencing any difficulties and what are you doing about it?
  2. Tell me about your grade 1 reading buddy (buddies). What do you know about them? Can they read and write? Are they able to focus on what they're supposed to be doing? If not, what strategies are you using to help them?
  3. Up until now, what mark would you give yourself out of 10 based on your interactions with the Sherwood Mills students? Justify why you are giving yourself this mark.

Week 5 (March 27)

  1. Describe your strengths and weaknesses as a Reading Buddy?
  2. What do you need to work on in the next couple of months?
  3. Has anything surprised or shocked you up until now?

Week 6 (April 3)

  1. Have your views about children changed? If so, how? Provide examples from your reading buddies.
  2. Have your thoughts and views about parenting and working with infants and children changed? Provide examples.
  3. What will you miss the most about your visits with your reading buddies? What will you not miss?

Week 8 (April 18)

1. Describe a situation with any of your reading buddies that you could have handled better/differently? Be specific.

2. Describe a situation with any of your reading buddies that you handled/ dealt with well and that you are proud of. Be specific.

Week 10 (May 1)

  1. Did your kindergarten buddy have their mom or dad present yesterday during the Open House? Did they behave differently or the same? Provide examples.
  2. What final mark would you give yourself based on your visits with your reading buddies? Give examples to justify your answer.
  3. What advice would you tell next semester's Parenting class?
  4. What improvements do you notice in yourself and your reading buddies?