A Year in Review

Technology at Merryhill Durango

About the Vanguard

Dominique Courtney has taught at several grade levels in her five years at Merryhill Durango. She enjoys pushing herself outside of her comfort zone, and giving her students the tools do the same. She is happy to have had the opportunity of being the Vanguard this year and working with other teachers to raise the bar at our school.

My 3rd Grade Classroom

Below are some new ways technology was incorporated into my classroom this year.

A Look Around

Below are some examples of ways technology has been integrated on our campus during the 2014-2015 school year.

Process Boards

Another important topic of conversation this year was the process board. Teachers started to see the vision of a true process board, starting with the essential questions and showcasing the steps the students took to find answers. We have worked together as a school to think of ways across the SAMR continuum to incorporate technology.

Below are some examples of the process boards that can be found in our hallways.

Professional Development

Merryhill Durango was very excited about adding rigor with technology in each of our classrooms. We checked in on technology every chance we got. It was a daily topic of conversation at lunch, teachers would share ideas and best practices via email, and formal trainings were organized at almost every staff meeting. One way I communicated with the other teachers about what I was learning as the Vanguard was through the platform of the Smore.

Advice for Next Year's Vanguard

My advice to next year's Vanguard, as well as all of the teachers trying to find ways to add rigor through technology, is found in one of my favorite quotes below. You don't always have total control on the path to change and growth. I definitely need to be reminded of this now and then!
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