Global Inequality

All Around the World


In many countries people are given different rights based on how much money that they have and their gender. This S'more is going to talk about some of the differences in rights for different countries.

Women's Rights

Even though in the United States, women have the same rights as men, it is not that way in all parts of the world.

Wealth and Poverty

Of all the people in the world, the richest 1% of these people own 39.9% of the of the world's household wealth. These individuals are worth almost $515,000. The other 99 percent on average are worth under $150,000. This explains inequality because the amount of land or money that a person has should not define how much money they are worth. Everyone is priceless, meaning that there is no set of money that a person should pay for one another. No one can be replaced by a person that is the same as them.