Team Results for November 2012

You Turkeys Lit it Up!

Announcing Team Name Contest

It's about time we come up with a team name! And because you all are way more creative than me, I am looking for suggestions and will reward the winner! I've got a name in mind (Team Hopela) in keeping with the Hoopla theme, but I want your input on what you want to be called! Submit your suggestions to me via email by next Friday, Dec 14th. Winner and Prize will be announced in our next newsletter! Thank you!!!


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Kristin Mello - Senior Stylist

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing you all reach a goal with your business! Whether it is an extra $100 on your blue card a month, booking 1 more show, or promoting! Kristin's enthusiasm and drive is contagious! Huge congrats to you, Kristin, to your team who is behind you all the way, and to your partner in the biz, Erin on this major accomplishment! Way to Go!

Top in Sales

We have a REALLY CUTE team...just sayin'! ;)

Top in Sales Cont'd

#4 - Lynn Webber $1,942

#5 - Rebecca Kirkpatrick $1,931

#6 - Ann Driver $1,723

#7 - Sally Essig $1,699

#8 - Lindy Turnbull $1,636

#9 - Bonnie Elgin $1,450

#10 - Allison Inman $1,375

#11 - Lesli Reeves $1,014

Big Welcome to our New Team Members

Heidi Harn, Sponsor - Hope Cole

Janet Brown, Sponsor - Hope Cole

Happenings this Month:

iHappy Challenge: Strive to hit $12k and sponsor 2 more by Dec 31st and the S&D iPad is yours! Congrats to those who have hit it and those who are close!

Congrats to Mandy Dismang winner of the $300 gift card incentive from last month! She went over 1,500PCV before Nov 20th! Congrats to Kristin Mello who also went over 1,500PCV by Nov 20th!

Don't forget to print out your December Trunk Show specials for your upcoming trunk shows. Who wouldn't love to add one of our candles to their order as a gift? I love the pearl pieces, too!

Sponsoring special this month: HUGE incentive for new stylists! When someone signs up this month, they get an extra 30 days in their jumpstart! That's major when adding samples to their display. What would happen if you reached out to 5 past hostesses, friends, FB friends, or customers who you thought would be great at what you do? I bet you would sponsor!!!!

Get to your local team meeting! These are a great way to meet local stylists, bounce ideas and meet friends who are in the same towns as you working the business!

Team Incentive

First I want to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you and your families! You each inspire me and motive me every day. I am in awe of everything you've accomplished this year and I hope your family has a beautiful holiday season! For our team incentive this month, I would really love to see you guys take advantage of the best selling month of the year. For EVERY person who hits 500PCV ($770 sales) by Dec 15th, you will go into a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to your choice of store/restaurant. Sponsor a new stylist by Dec 31st and receive a $25 Stella & Dot gift card for you AND your new stylist!!!