So Far in South Korea

What I have been doing so far

I flew in on February 28th, and started training the very next day, so my first week consisted of a lot of settling into my apartment and getting into the routine of the school. On my first weekend, I was able to travel into Seoul and see The War Memorial of Korea. It was really something awesome to see! This week I was able to spend a fun night with all of my co-workers, and celebrated St. Patrick's day! Overall, I've been doing a lot of settling in, and meeting some really great people. Luckily, I really enjoy my fellow teachers, and it's been great becoming part of a new city with some fun people.

This weekend I also went to immigration, and will finally be able to get some very useful things once my immigration card comes in (like a cell phone plan and a local bank account!)

Jim's Contact Information

GyungGi Do, SungNam Si, BunDang Gu

Jungja Dong 17-1, JelJon Tower

6 Floor, Room 603 & 604

463-847 South Korea