PURE haven essentials April 2016

Spring is in the air. What healthy changes will you make?

A Fresh Start

Gone! The first quarter of this year. ALREADY!
Spring brings that new rejuvenation to life after the dormant cold of winter. For us here at PHE we have even more to be excited about. The first quarter we closed Ava Anderson Non Toxic and are now ready to bloom into PURE haven essentials! Same mission, same passion, better products. Everything is now reformulated, or in the process of being reformulated, to be manufactured in our Rhode Island facility. Since we remain to be all about the ingredients we've added the testing of all for quality throughout the entire process.

Welcome, McKenna Stanton!!

McKenna has joined my team this month! She is a young stay at home mother of a beautiful family. I'm super proud that she has joined because she is family. My main reason for doing this is to keep my family safe and adding more family members just makes the mission to protect those that mean the most so much easier. Please ask me how you can support McKenna on her new business adventure.