By Lois Lowry by Samuel Sarmiento

Book Summary

An eleven-year old kid named Jonas who is turning twelve is starting a crazy adventure. He has been chosen to be the new receiver of memories and finds out what happened and what was taken from everyone. Later on The Giver and Jonas came up with a plan to escape the community. Then the community gained everything they lost.

Main Character- Jonas

Jonas was like any other kid in the community, until the ceremony of twelve changed everything. They were given their assignments, but when it came to Jonas to receive his assignment, he received "The Receiver of Memory".


"You can stop this... you can change things."


Teacher like Questions


  • Why did the Chief Elder create communities?
  • Why do they "release" people?
  • Why did they remove color?
  • Why do they take away feelings?
  • Why isn't anyone in the community free?


I really liked this book because it had a sense of adventure and confusion. Also this I like this book because it helped me feel grateful that we don't have a community that takes away colors. What i don't like about the book is that the Giver didn't go with Jonas out of the community.