Delaney Mattson, Period 1

Germany's Adventures

Germany is a place where the whole family can have fun! There are mountains for Dad to ski, spas for Mom, and theme parks for the kids. It has beautiful castles to explore, mountains to hike, and rivers to kayak in.

Things You Need to Know About Germany

Words to Know, Type of Government, and Type of Currency

 If you are going to travel to Germany you need to know German because that is the dominent language. Some common words are Guten Tag (Good Day), Tag (Hello), Mein Name ist (My name is), Wo ist die Toilette? (Where is the bathroom), Wo ist... (Where is), Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye). Use these or body language to communicate when you are in Germany. You would be suprised by how well people in other languages understand body language.  Germany is a Federal Parliamentary Republic. This means when you are there, there will not be cops everywhere. This means that Germans have freedoms. They do not have a dictator who controls everything. Germany is a good country. In Germany they use the Euro (like many European countires). Which means if you were coming to Germany from the U.S. you would need to bring more money then needed because a Euro is worth more than a dollar.

Intersting Facts

First you need to know about the food. No normal German meal will pass without bread and meat. Also, about the most important food in Germany is potatoes. Every region in Germany has a different way of preparing it. Some people turn potatoes into soups or stews, some eat it with bacon or beans, and some even eat potatoes with pears! Second, you need to know about the type of sporting events you might be able to see when you are in Germany. There is one sport that almost everybody loves in Germany, and that sport is soccer. Everybody loves the fast moving, high intensity level of the game. Third you need to know the sites you could go to in Germany. A great place to visit in Germany is in Berlin, and it is called Museum Island. It has 5 Museums in its "complex". You could (or I could at least) spend all day at Museum Island. It sounds like an outstanding place to visit, and it would be a great place for a day trip! If you travel to Germany you might end up being there on one of there holidays! Some of these major holidays are: New Years Day (Jan. 1), Germany Unity Day (Oct. 3), Christmas Day (Dec. 25), and Easter Monday (Easter Sunday). I hope you come to Germany, because it is a great place!


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