The DeLaPaz Dazzler

February 11, 2016 and February 19th

Weekly Updates

This week we reviewed our reading skills this week with some technology fun and crafty projects. We worked on cause and effect, drawing conclusions, and text structures. We will continue our review next week and take our test on Friday.

We have also taken a quiz on two of our regions. This is to help for the fifty state test that will end our unit. In math we are back to our Everyday Math. We will still pull in our Pearson resources to help bridge the gap for next year!

Important Dates

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

February 12th- No school

February 15th- No School

Feb. 26th- Six Flags Due

Reading Improvement Reports

Today your child will bring home a report about their reading fluency and basic math skills. They were tested at the beginning of the year and then again in January. You will see a graph and then a little "report" under. Reports may say Continue current program or Further assess and consider individualizing program. This means that it says continue they are challenged at the current third grade level, and if it says further assess they either need help with the current level or need to be challenged. This is done through their reading groups and other areas of our day. In math this is done through different programs by either myself or Mrs. Busky. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.
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Six Flags Form DUE FRIDAY

Don't forget to turn in your form with 360 minutes! Form is attached to the email if you need a new copy!


In art this week we are a book about Pissco. In art we also did a panting of a gitar.

We also did the piture all blue.Our art teacher said that Pissco blue period.

By Lindy


In music we’ve been doing recorder karate and that is when we can earn karate belts But sumtimes you don’t earn karate belts and thats OK.



In PE we started doing ping pong.We started learning servin.After that we would throw the ball and your opponent would hit back and then you would catch it.You would do it 3 times in a row.Then if you had three people we would have to switch.The other half of the class they would have to do some juggling.We can juggle with 1,2,or 3.We did some throwing games in PE.We played hola-hut knockdown.We also played this game i it was called infection.You would have to get medicine.There are some people that can infect you.The people with the noodles can tag you.When they tag you you are infected.You would have to stand still and wait for one of your teammates to go through your legs then you are back to live.




In reading we were doing drawing conclusions. We did a lot of worksheets. We did some haiku assignments. We learned that drawing conclusions is what you conclude from the facts you read in a story and your scheme. We also watched a video with no talking in it and every once in a wile we would pause the video and write on a piece of paper what you saw so far and then make a conclusion with the things you wrote down and what you know.



Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

This week in Math we talked about square prodects. For me they are easy. We also went back to doing stuff in are math journal. We are also back to are homelinks instead of doing it on are homework on the chromebook. I am happy because I do not like doing homwork on my chromebook. It is also easier doing it in my homelinks.

From, Elaina

Math- Mrs. Busky

Mrs. Busky’s math class

This week in Mrs. Busky’s math class we have been working on angles. We have learned about right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, straight angles, and reflex angles. Most of the angles are not very hard, like the right angles. Although, some angles like the reflex, are tricky. The reflex angle is hard because you are measuring the outside the angle. Sometimes it can be hard. We also learned a trick that if we come across an angle that you can not measure on your protractor, subtract that number from 360 and then draw that angle. We have had a great week studying angles in math!!!

Social Studies

In social studies we are doing a passport,in the passport we use the smartboard to see videos of places.We write three facts in the passport.So far we went to Hawiia,Alaska,and Flourda.We are in the west reagoin now.We are about haf way threw the passport.By gavin


This week in writing we made a calender about valentine’s candy.Theese are the two types of candies we used,chocolate hearts and conversastion hearts.We did the introduction,and the two middle parts.One side of the middle is chocolate hearts and the other is conversation hearts.We don’t know when we are doing the cocluding (ending) part.

By: Owen